Since I hope to reach the novice cooks out there, I have written these recipes to be usable by just about anyone.  That means that the recipes are written longhand and I attempt to avoid any advanced cooking terminology.  I won’t use terms like “chiffonade” or “julienne” without some explanation.  I spell out words like teaspoon and tablespoon to avoid any confusion.  If a recipe calls for a special piece of equipment that the average Joe might not have, I mention it right at the beginning and offer an alternative where possible.

In the header of every recipe, you will find a difficulty icon that gives an honest estimate of how challenging the recipe will be.  A higher level of difficulty can mean that it takes more effort to cook, or that it takes a judgement call of some sort, such as knowing when a fish is done without just using a timer.  An easy recipe must be relatively simple, with a small amount of ingredients, and straightforward steps.  You will also find a kitchen destruction icon.  This shows how much cleanup you will have after cooking the recipe.

                    An easy recipe will show this icon.                                                                A recipe that is moderately messy will have this icon.

                    An easy recipe will show this icon.                                                              A recipe that is moderately messy will have this icon.

The prep times shown in the header are designed to be accurate for cooks that operate at a novice pace.  Many people will be able to get the preparation done quicker, depending on skill level.  Below that, we describe any special skills or equipment that is necessary.  Beneath the header is a brief introduction to the recipe and a description of the end product. 

The ingredients are listed next, followed by the instructions in the body of the recipes, similar to cookbooks and other websites.  Pictures are shown as needed within the recipes.  Below each recipe, you will find a link to a recipe card.  This is stripped down to make it easy to follow or print.  There are no photos, no icons, and no introduction.  In this form, most recipes are just a single page.

The recipe card link looks like this:

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 11.55.05 PM.png