Alternative Names: Nishin

Monterey Bay Recommendation: Buy herring ("nishin" in sushi) caught in California with gill nets and entangling nets and in the U.S. Atlantic with surrounding nets. Then look for a "Good Alternative," but know that these sources have environmental issues.

Uses in Cooking: Typically eaten smoked, pickled, or salted.

Similar Fish: Anchovy, Sardine, Sierra Mackerel

Description: Herring are a soft oily fish with many small bones that can be eaten. It can be fried for a more familiar texture, but cured the texture is pasty or mushy and might take some getting used to.

Fun Facts: Herring may be the most commercially important fish in human history. It has been exploited for thousands of years and though few Americans eat them regularly, they are the 2nd or 3rd highest volume fish by weight every year.