dover sole

Dover Sole

Alternative Names: Black sole, common sole

Monterey Bay Recommendation: All best choice unless it is from British Columbia where it is still a good alternative.

Uses in Cooking: True Dover sole should be poached, sauteed or steamed, but this fish is hard to come by. More commonly, you will find Pacific Dover sole, which is actually a flounder. These should be baked, broiled, or deep fried.

Similar Fish: Rex Sole, Petrale Sole, Gulf flounder

Description: True Dover sole is mild and sweet, with a very firm flesh that has tight small flakes. It is subtle and interesting. Pacific Dover sole is mild with softer flesh, more typical of other common white fish.

Fun Facts: As with many species of fish, marketing can be a bit deceptive with the Dover sole. True Dover sole is much more common in Europe than the US. If you are lucky enough to find it, but it and you won't be disappointed. Often the less desirable Pacific Dover sole is sold instead. The true version is shaped like a shoe. The pacific version is shaped like a spade in a deck of cards.