Cardinal Snapper profile.jpg

Cardinal Snapper

Alternative Names: Bigeye snapper, wenchman

Monterey Bay Recommendation: No recommendation. There is a small commercial fishery, with these mostly taken as bycatch when targeting larger snapper species. They are listed as "least concern" and are considered common and abundant. This is probably a safe choice.

Uses in Cooking: Like most snappers it is often cooked whole either over fire or in an oven. It can be filleted and grilled with skin on or poached gently.

Similar Fish: Red snapper, rockfish, croaker

Description: This tender and delicate flesh is not very forgiving and doesn't flake much when cooked. It has a moderate delicate flavor unlike other snappers.

Fun Facts: This fish may be much more abundant than estimated because much of its range is under sampled and it is rarely fished.