Blue Nosed Bass

Alternative Names: Antarctic butterfish, deep sea trevally

Monterey Bay Recommendation: Look for other "Best Choice" seafood options first. If none are available, Antarctic butterfish (aka bluenose) caught with bottom longlines or midwater trawls in New Zealand is a "Good Alternative," but know that there's bycatch of seabirds. Say, "No, thanks" to Antarctic butterfish caught in New Zealand with bottom trawls.

Uses in Cooking: This wonderful fish is great sauteed or baked. It can be grilled or used in just about any application.

Similar Fish: Chilean Sea bass, Striped bass, White Seabass

Description: Extremely meaty and firm with huge flakes that separate and present well on the plate. This fish has a buttery, pleasing flavor.

Fun Facts: This unique looking blunt nosed fish lives at depths down to almost 1 mile.