NOAA Gardieff S. (2003).  Atlantic Blue Marlin .  Florida Museum of Natural History .

NOAA Gardieff S. (2003). Atlantic Blue Marlin. Florida Museum of Natural History.

Blue Marlin

Alternative Names: a'u (Hawaii), sailfish

Monterey Bay Recommendation: Look for other "Best Choice" seafood options first. If none are available, marlin ("kajiki maguro" in sushi) caught by Hawaiian fleets is a "Good Alternative" because there's less bycatch compared to international sources. Say "No, thanks" to imported marlin.

Uses in Cooking: Often used in sushi, but otherwise good for grilling, kabobs, or broiling.

Similar Fish: Striped marlin, swordfish, spearfish

Description: This enormous fish is firm and steaky with large flakes that hold together tightly. The flavor is more pronounced than a swordfish.

Fun Facts: Female blue marlin can grow as large 1800 lbs, 4 times the weight of males.