© Citron / , via Wikimedia Commons

© Citron / , via Wikimedia Commons


Alternative Names: Paiche

Monterey Bay Recommendation: No recommendation. There are some sustainable aquacultured options available to US consumers. Eating this fish can actually help solve an ecological issue. The local market cannot support an aquacultured alternative so Peruvians eat wild caught fish causing a threat to the population. If US demand helps to fund the aquaculture option, the farmed fish can gain wide distribution.

Uses in Cooking: These can be grilled, baked, broiled, poached, or battered and fried. Latin American recipes are easy to find for this fish and can be exciting and novel.

Similar Fish: Barramundi, Striped Bass, Cod

Description: These are big fish that have big thick fillets that cook up tan to bright white. They are mild flavored and more dense, but less flaky than cod.

Fun Facts: These fish can reach weights of over 400 lbs. They breathe on the surface of the water and raise their babies in their mouths.