picture taken by  Kurt Kulac  at 2006-03-30

picture taken by Kurt Kulac at 2006-03-30


Alternative Names: Anchoveta

Monterey Bay Recommendation: Look for other "Best Choice" seafood options first. If none are available, anchovies from the Adriatic Sea are a "Good Alternative," but know that this source has environmental issues.

Uses in Cooking: Most commonly found canned, they can be used as components in salad dressings and other preparations. Fresh anchovies can be grilled, fried, or used in pasta dishes.

Similar Fish: Sardine, Herring, Smelt

Description: These are considered an oily fish, but the strong salty taste that most people equate with an anchovy is from the curing process. The fish is much more subtle when eaten fresh.

Fun Facts: The Peruvian anchovy is probably the most commercially important fish on earth with as much as 8 Million tons harvested annually. This mostly goes into fish meal used as feed for animals and fertilizer. It may also be the most abundant of all fish.